BMF 2.0

After the analysis of several use cases and extensive development the Broadcast Metadata Exchange Format (BMF) is available in the Version „BMF 2.0“.

This version will be offered for implementation in applications.


You can download the BMF-XML Schema in the version „BMF 2.0“ as a zipped archive. Before you download the archive you will be prompted to accept the License agreement.

Documentation of BMF 2.0

The BMF 2.0 data model is fully documented in English. We are working on the translation of the describing documents and the sample instances. They will be available on the download page.

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If you have any further questions (e.g. regarding the generation of BMF-Subset Models/BMF-Subset XML Schemas) please do not hesitate to contact us at


After the publication of BMF 2.0 your feedback is still very important for us. We would be very grateful if you could find some time for comments.

We would be glad to receive comments and suggestions on following topics:

  • Structure of the XSD and applicability for implementations
  • Semantic of the model
  • Comprehensibility of the documentation in the XML Schema

Please send your feedback to